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DM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear - Original Translation by Ryoma Echizen - 7.12.2005 I_vote_lcapDM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear - Original Translation by Ryoma Echizen - 7.12.2005 I_voting_barDM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear - Original Translation by Ryoma Echizen - 7.12.2005 I_vote_rcap 
DM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear - Original Translation by Ryoma Echizen - 7.12.2005 I_vote_lcapDM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear - Original Translation by Ryoma Echizen - 7.12.2005 I_voting_barDM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear - Original Translation by Ryoma Echizen - 7.12.2005 I_vote_rcap 

DM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear - Original Translation by Ryoma Echizen - 7.12.2005

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DM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear - Original Translation by Ryoma Echizen - 7.12.2005 Empty DM-15 Secret of Hidden Gear - Original Translation by Ryoma Echizen - 7.12.2005

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On aika antaa teille taas katsaus menneisyyteen. Aikaa tästäkin kirjoituksesta on lähes kymmenen vuotta. Ikoniselta japanilaiselta kääntäjägurulta Ryomalta.

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Finally it's done. Take your time reading it as its a doozy.

Duel Masters Set 15 (Secret of Hidden Gear) Translation File 1.0
Version 1.0 6/26/2005
Translation V1.02 12/07/2005 (Metamorph tweak)
Commentary V1.0 12/04/2005
Translation and Commentary by: Ryoma Echizen

Alphadios, Lord of Spirits
Evolution Creature / Light / 10 / Angel Command / 15500
-Evolution: Put on one of your Angel Command
-No one may summon a non-light creature or cast a non-light spell.
-Triple Breaker
(Flavor): The entire universe has been enveloped in the shining brilliance of the spirits! Now, the door to heaven has been opened!
S1/S5 (Super Rare)

Last set had an improved Dorballom. This set has an improved Alcideas. And this wins the game, when you use it. Whether or not it beats Dorballom is up for debate but this is can be a very solid finisher. Using nature acceleration like Sevens Tower or Faerie Gift can allow this to be summoned turn 6 reliably. Highly vulnerable and overly expensive it may be, but its equally powerful. The deck is to be taken seriously, especially since Light has Patrial Flame (to be discussed later) which can help protect the evolution pieces.

Admiral Queen
Evolution Creature / Water / 6 / Splash Queen / 4000
-Evolution: Put on one of your Splash Queen
-Instead of having this creature attack, you may tap it to use its {tap} ability: Choose a player. That player chooses 2 cards in their mana zone and returns them to the owner’s hand.
(Flavor): The creation of the world begins again now! Exclusively for our race!
S2/S5 (Super Rare)

Finally Splash Queens get an evolution. However its really hard to think of how to properly utilize it. A water/nature deck can turn it into draw, and a water/fire could attempt to use it as mana destruction. The other problem is there are only 3 other Splash Queens (a cost 3, cost 4, and cost 6) so evolving it is particularly difficult. Hold off on using this for now, unless you want to recycle some charger spells. Might be good for a fun control deck.

Dark Divine Dragon Belzarogue
Creature / Darkness / 9 / Dragon Zombie / 14000
-Triple Breaker
(Flavor): This dragon doesn’t lurk in the darkness. This dragon is darkness itself.
S3/S5 (Super Rare)

Huge dragon zombie! Almost as big as Guardian Red Dragon (e. Billion Degree Dragon) and slightly more cost effective. This is simply a fatty to bring out with Reincarnation Program (from set 10) perhaps, though there are much, much better fatties to bring out of course. Simply for fun.

Bajura’s Soul
Cross Gear / Fire / 5
-Cross Gear
-The crossed creature gets +2000 power, and breaks an additional shield.
-When the crossed creature attacks, choose up to 2 cards in your opponent's mana zone. Your opponent puts those cards into his graveyard.
S4/S5 (Super Rare)

Bajura condensed his essence and now any creature can become the greatest of all dragons. Bajura’s Soul has seen quite a bit of play due to its insane effect. The biggest reason why Bajura’s Soul is so popular is the lack of cross gear destruction (like Martial Law) being played. In fact Bajura’s Soul is so powerful some players put a Martial Law in, just in case they have to face it. Without dedicated cross gear destruction this will continue to stay on the field and turn a 1000 power creature into a double Mana Crisis. Control uses it in just this manner. Gives up the majority of two turns, but takes them back when a creature attacks with this cross gear. Bolberg Cross Dragon (DM14-S7) combos insanely with this card as it ignores its prohibitive equip cost. One of the best cards in the set hands down.

Octillion Force
Cross Gear / Nature / 4
-Shield Trigger X (When this cross gear is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may generate it, and cross it with a creature without paying its cost.)
-Cross Gear
-The crossed creature gains “Power Attacker +9000” and “Triple Breaker”.
S5/S5 (Super Rare)

An octillion is a pretty big number (10^27) so one would assume it makes a creature pretty powerful which it does. In addition this cross gear can be shield triggered and instantly be crossed with a creature for an unexpected counter-attack. However hard casting this cross gear is a bit difficult since you usually want cards that bring about a little bit more advantage than this at that stage. Best avoid this card.

Light Weapon Marianna
Creature / Light / 7 / Mecha Del Sol / 7000
-Double Breaker
-Accelerator (While this creature is crossed with a cross gear, this creature gains the following {Accelerator} ability): When this creature attacks, search your deck. Choose 1 spell with “Shield Trigger” and after shuffling you may cast this spell without paying its mana cost.
1/55 (Very Rare)

Now this card has serious potential. The effect is undoubtedly powerful. You can Holy Awe their field and make your creatures unblockable for the turn. Or Terror Pit their biggest threat. Or Hell’s Scrapper to kill their weenies. Or well you get the drill. It’s highly vulnerable but since Light has Patrial Flame it can become an invincible game winner pretty quickly. Expensive but if you can use it, you can easily use it to win the game. However the turn it comes out it is very vulnerable to removal.

Aqua Patrol
Creature / Water / 4 / Liquid People / 2000
-When you put this creature into the battle zone, choose a player. That player counts his shields, returns them to their deck and shuffles it. Then that player places an amount of cards equal to the number shuffled in from the top of their deck face down into their shield zone.
(Flavor): “The time is now! With this chance I’ll fix the shields better than new!”
–Aqua Patrol
2/55 (Very Rare)

Emeral and Mana Nexus counter cards. If they play something nasty in their shield, remove it! Or if the opponent has used Pakurio or Eternal Guard to place your trump card (like Bolbalzak) in your shield zone you can return it to your deck with this. An interesting card but not one that will see play in a serious deck as of yet. Quite fun though.

Dorberos, the Imprisoning Fiend
Creature / Darkness / 7 / Demon Command / 7000
-Double Breaker
-All non-darkness creatures cost 2 more to summon.
(Flavor): All who attempt to meet with Ballom undertake a welcoming by fiends.
3/55 (Very Rare)

Whoops, I had the translation wrong. Well the change makes it a much different beast. It definitely will greatly hinder your opponent, making his utility creatures cost ever so much more. Corile looks much less attractive at 7 mana. And Bolbalzak will be much harder to summon at 9 mana should you get a Dorberos out in time. Of course the darkness civilization is a pretty popular control color so if you don't play a Bolbalzak deck you face a good chance of running into something else that plays darkness. However this aside, its a very solid creature but expensive. Definitely interesting to see "taxing" effects appear in the darkness civilization first.

Metalchaos Dragon
Creature / Fire / 7 / Armored Dragon / 6000
-Double Breaker
-Accelerator (While this creature is crossed with a cross gear, this creature gains the following {Accelerator} ability): When this creature attacks for the first time in a turn, after the attack untap this creature.
(Flavor): The fire civilization created a unique tactical weapons dragon. Its name is Metalchaos Dragon.
4/55 (Very Rare)

When accelerated, it becomes a double attackr… sort of like Bolbalzak. As a dragon it can come out quickly thanks to Cocco Lupia, and the ability to attack untapped creatures that Chitta Peloru (DM14-60) can deliver. This card is no doubt an especially dangerous thing to attach Bajura’s Soul to. One of the best accelerator cards there are in this set. A very solid addition to a dragon deck and a must include if you plan to use cross gears in significant number.

Ryokudou, the Principle Defender
Evolution Creature / Nature / 5 / Wonder Trick / 7000
-Evolution: Put on one of your Wonder Trick
-When you put this creature into the battle zone, put the top 2 cards of your deck into your mana zone. Afterwards, return 1 creature from your mana zone to your hand.
-Double Breaker
(Flavor): Everything is under guidance. Anger, sadness, and joy are freed from the soul’s door once this seal is broken.
5/55 (Very Rare)

The Wonder Tricks have an evolution and it compares quite nicely with Fighter Dual Fang. Nature struggles so hard with card advantage, and this evolution helps them out! Unlike Splash Queens, Wonder Tricks have some solid evolution materials such as the 2 mana Yuuki (DM14-105) or “Pilotz” which comes in this set. A really, really, good evolution. Superior to FDF I believe due to speed and card advantage. On a different note DM-15 contains no Wild Veggies. I’ll miss them.

Sirius, the Patroller
Creature / Light / 4 / Cosmo Walker / 3500
-When you generate a cross gear, you may draw 1 card.
-This creature can’t attack players.
(Flavor): At last the lost secret technique was revived. The pilgrims knew that Senkai’s smartest genius Miloku had given the magical weapons even greater power.
6/55 (Rare)

Sirius is the Mist Rias of cross gears. Its especially nice as it avoids the 3000 power creature kill like Gushut Fist (which kills a 3000 power or less creature) or Judgement (an improved version of Searing Wave). The only difficulty with the ability is that even decks with many cross gears usually don’t play more than 8 of them. However Sirius allows for an increase in the amount of the cross gears you can play since they become a draw for merely 1 or 2 mana in most cases. Sirius is a great card and might be the spark cross gears need to see more play than they do. The flavor hints about “Miloku” and I predict (I haven’t heard any rumors or anything suggesting it though) that “Miloku” will be a Cosmo Gear evolution in the next set.

Valiant Spark
Spell / Light / 3
-Shield Trigger
-Choose 1 of your opponent's creatures in the battle zone and tap it.
-Metamorph (When your mana zone has 7 or more cards, this card gains the following {Metamorph} ability): Instead of tapping 1 of your opponent’s creatures, tap all of your opponent’s creatures.
7/55 (Rare)

Holy Awe just got replaced…wow. A 3 mana Holy Awe… well almost. Hardcasting at 6 mana or triggering versus a rush decks are still huge things that make the Holy Awe irreplaceable. However this card is just insane for the cost. Already many light players have included this card in their deck, and it will no doubt see more play as time goes on.
One of the best cards in the set!

Patrial Flame
Cross Gear / Light / 3
-Cross Gear: Put this card into the battle zone when cast. To cross this card with a creature, pay this card's cost again. When that creature leaves the battle zone, this card remains in the battle zone.
-When your opponent chooses a creature, the crossed creature may not be chosen. (However, this creature may be attacked or blocked)
8/55 (Rare)

Just below Bajura’s Soul this is a cross gear many were awaiting. A cross gear that successfully can protect the target from removal. Demonic Protector (DM14-28) tries to do this but its no comparison to genuine article that is Patrial Flame. Once crossed Patrial Flame is immune to be chosen from such spells as Terror Pit, or effects such as Corile. The only type of kill that effects a Patrial Flame creature are cards like Rothus, or cards like Dragon Shout that kill all creatures of a selected power level. A top level card.

Mint Mirage
Creature / Water / 4 / Splash Queen / 3000
-Accelerator (While this creature is crossed with a cross gear, this creature gains the following {Accelerator} abilities): This creature can’t be blocked. When this creature would be destroyed, instead you may destroy a cross gear crossed with this creature.
(Flavor): Before they knew it, creatures had lost respect for the magical weapons.
9/55 (Rare)

One of the two Splash Queens worth evolving. It’s accelerator ability makes it unblockable which is nice, and allows to avoid death. If you have a lot of cross gears on this creature it can get scary pretty quick since no doubt its power will be over the easy to kill 3k plateau and can avoid removal via cross gear sacrifice. Of course with such removal as Mother Earth or Eternal Guard that don’t destroy the creature it isn’t by any means invincible and even excluding such removal it’s a tough card to use, since by nature it requires lots of cross gears to be of any use. Try in a cross gear deck.

Full Throttle Sargeant
Creature / Water / 3 / Merfolk / 2000
-Instead of having this creature attack, you may tap it to use its {tap} ability: Cross 1 cross gear in your battle zone with one of your creatures without paying its mana cost.
(Flavor): “That’s not true! Magic is very manly!” –Full Throttle Sargeant
10/55 (Rare)

With this ability you can cross the expensive cross gears like Bajura’s Soul for free. However you have to summon a 3 mana vulnerable weakling to do so. Not really worth it, but there might be a combo possibility with this guy. Otherwise stay away.

Submarine Labor
Cross Gear / Water / 2
-When the crossed creature attacks, you may look at the top 4 cards of your deck. If you do, add 1 of these cards to your hand and place the other 3 cards at the bottom of your deck in any order.
11/55 (Rare)

Repeatable card advantage is really nice. For 4 mana total cost you can get the effect of a 3 mana spell (Submarine Project) with the same ability each turn. Lots of easy card advantage can be generated but you have to attack. Find a way to attack and you’ll be raking in the card advantage with this card.

Moonlight, the Fallen Noble
Creature / Darkness / 4 / Dark Lord / 3000
-Metamorph (When your mana zone has 7 or more cards, this creature gains the following {Metamorph} ability): When this creature is destroyed, return up to 2 other creatures from your graveyard to your hand.
(Flavor): “In just a little while, I’ll die. Let’s meet again.” –Moonlight, the Fallen Noble
12/55 (Rare)

More card advantage but its only usuable late game… meh. Turns 5-6 something like this will get roasted for nothing. But two of these late game form an evil chain that the opponent will have trouble avoiding. Have one in the grave and if the opponent kills the one on the field get this one back plus another card. Then repeat the process. An interesting card for control to try.

Death Chaser
Spell / Darkness / 5
-Shield Trigger
- Destroy 1 of your opponent's untapped creatures.
(Flavor): We’ve got to move. Hurry, move. Dangerous darkness approaches.
13/55 (Rare)

Death Smoke as a trigger is finally here. Might replace Proclamation of Death as the 2nd ST of choice behind Terror Pit. Not much to say about it. It’s quite good though.

Hungry Gauntlet
Cross Gear / Darkness / 4
-Instead of having the crossed creature attack, you may tap it to use its {tap} ability: Destroy all creatures with power equal to or less than that of the crossed creature.
14/55 (Rare)

The card Aqua Knight was made for. Kill everything 4k and under including that blasted Petrooba. Since this cross gear also kills the crossed creature it’s a difficult cross gear to use. Powerful yes, but also risky. But darkness gains reliable weenie kill that they have to sacrifice for. A very well designed card.

Moby, the Powerful Artilleryman
Creature / Fire / 4 / Humanoid / 2000
-When this creature attacks, destroy 1 of your opponent’s creatures with less power than this creature.
(Flavor): Such severe training that would break a normal man is just like a vacation for him.
15/55 (Rare)

Put a cross gear on him and go nuts. One of the few good combos with Octillion Force as the power attacker of the Octillion Force boosts it to 11000 enough to kill pretty much anything. Or you can use Petrooba to give it a +4000 power boost. This card has potential as even with a Shining Defense (+1500 power boost) or Emerald Claw (+2000) it can kill a lot of things. Works very well with cross gears and is another well-designed cards.

Hunter of the West Wind, Sharion
Creature / Fire / 3 / Humanoid / 1000
-When you generate or cross your cross gears, their cost is reduced by 1. This cost can’t be reduced below 1.
(Flavor): They mastered the magical weapons with mere instinct.
16/55 (Rare)

He’s better than he looks. You can equip a cost 3 cross gear on him (Patrial Flame) the turn after you summon him. Cost 2 cross gears becoming cost 1 cross gears is significant as well. The only prohibitive thing is a cross gear heavy deck is required and you might run a creature better made to use the cross gear over him. Worth trying out.

Treasure Chance
Spell / Fire / 5
-Put the topmost card of your deck into your graveyard. If this card is a creature, destroy 1 of your opponent’s creatures with a power lower than that of the revealed creature. If the card is a cross gear you may put in the battle zone.
(Flavor): Got a rare!
17/55 (Rare)

A bit too random for my tastes. Not worth 5 mana, barely worth 3. Avoid this card.

Green Divine Dragon Dagradolgran
Creature / Nature / 6 / Earth Dragon / 6000
-Double Breaker
-Accelerator (While this creature is crossed with a cross gear, this creature gains the following {Accelerator} ability): When this creature breaks a shield, the opponent places it in their mana zone instead of their hand.
(Flavor): The dragons roared, the magical weapons shined, and the world was restored full of life.
18/55 (Rare)

What’s this… it’s a cheap Earth Dragon with an excellent effect! Good Earth Dragons have been hard to come by since the latest ones are usually 7 mana and have hard to use effects. This one is quite simple. It’s Bolbalzak for nature! Put a Patrial Flame on this and eliminate their shields. Sure they gain some mana but zero card advantage. The best Earth Dragon to come out for a year. Now there is a Dragon worth using in a Soul Phoenix (DM12-5) deck. A wonderful card and only a rare!

Stunning Totem
Creature / Nature / 5 / Mystery Totem / 4000
-When this creature attacks, choose 1 of your opponent’s tapped creatures. The opponent can’t untap this creature at the start of their next turn.
(Flavor): There’s no such thing as a never-ending night, but once in a while there is a morning that will never begin.
19/55 (Rare)

Nature gets another “defensive” measure to their arsenal. But 4000 power isn’t really that big as a Bloody Squito can block it, and the more powerful rush creatures can even tackle it. The effect is no doubt interesting but since it is an attack triggered ability its hard to use turn 6 who likely would have something bigger. But if this card stops the big thing from counter-attacking… It’s a card you really have to test to see how good it is. Definitely the start of some interesting cards for nature.

Pilotz, the Invoked
Creature / Nature / 4 / Wonder Trick / 2000
-During your turn, all your other creatures get +2000 power.
(Flavor): “It doesn’t matter if it’s a ship or a bullet! Just send something!” –Pilotz, the Invoked
20/55 (Rare)

Set 10’s Para Oresis had an ability to increase all other creatures +2000 power on the opponent’s turn so it was only a matter of time a similar ability was created for the player’s turn. The power boost can easily allow attacking creatures to overpower blockers of the same cost. A very good card.

Guardian of the Sacred Weapons, Rein Seius
Creature / Light / 4 / Guardian / 3000
-Saver: Cross Gear (When one of your cross gears would be placed in the graveyard from the battle zone, you may destroy this creature instead.)
(Flavor): For sky dwellers, defense is life. Protection of the magical weapons, as well as recovery of these weapons is their most sacred duty.
21/55 (Uncommon)

An amusing card, but currently useless. Cross gear destruction is hardly used. Using this card now is meaningless.

Uranus, the Paladin
Creature / Light / 3 / Rainbow Phantom / 2000
-When your opponent chooses a cross gear, cross gears crossed with this creature cannot be chosen.
(Flavor): There have been times where a magical weapon and its user’s soul beat as one. Such times are called miracles.
22/55 (Uncommon)

Same thing as the above card. No cross gear destruction make this card meaningless. Cool flavor though.

Quick Defense
Cross Gear / Light / 2
-Shield Trigger X (When this cross gear is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may generate it, and cross it with a creature without paying its cost.)
-Cross Gear
-The crossed creature gains "Blocker".
-When the crossed creature is destroyed, you may cross this with one of your creatures without paying its cost.
23/55 (Uncommon)

This can be a godsend as a trigger. When the opponent launches their final attack and you have nothing but weenies you can get this to trigger and use the weenies to block, die, and block again! Even if the crossed creature is Terror Pit it can be crossed ever still. Of course it might not be the best strategy to plan that you’ll get whooped which is why I think Shining Defense (DM14-46) is slightly better than this card. However it’s worth a try.

Creature / Water / 4 / Cyber Lord / 1000
-When you put this creature into the battle zone, look at the opponent’s hand. You may choose 1 card from it and place it in your opponent’s shield zone face-down.
(Flavor): “What an excellent trump card you have. I’ll lock it away, nice and safe for you.” –Pakurio
24/55 (Uncommon)

Corile returns in even more unassuming a form. Yes, it’s that strong. Locomotivator to the max is what this is. For the same cost you get to look at their hand, and then place the card in the shield zone where they can’t access the card. Whilst Loco allows for the player to use Phal Eaga, Grave Worm Q, or Dimension Splitter to recover their card Pakurio seals it air-tight, only retrievable by Emeral. A simply incredible card, that should not be overlooked! I even go so far to say this is the best card of the set.

Ice Medusa
Creature / Water / 3 / Splash Queen / 2000
-When this creature is destroyed, you may cross all of the cross gears that were crossed with this creature with 1 of your other creatures without paying their costs.
(Flavor): Senkai is plotting something. Even in depths such as this, such rumors disturb me.
25/55 (Uncommon)

Another way for water to eliminate the crossing cost of cross gears. Also the cheapest card to evolve into Admiral Queen. I wouldn’t run it though. Much easier to just cross a cheap cross gear than run a underpowered creature. Senkai or the "pure land" is where the dual civilization creatures originate from. It's basically like "heaven" for the creatures in that the most powerful creatures are there and it would appear they are the source of the magical weapons (cross gears).

Maximum Defense
Cross Gear / Water / 4
-Shield Trigger X (When this cross gear is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may generate it, and cross it with a creature without cost.)
-The crossed creature get +5000, and "Blocker".
-The crossed creature can't be attacked.
26/55 (Uncommon)

Compared to the other expensive cross gears, this doesn’t measure up very well. Just too expensive for what you get. Just not worth the cost of hardcasting. Late-game you don’t need a huge blocker but something to win the game.

Phalangi Drum
Creature / Darkness / 5 / Gargoyle / 4000
-When this creature attacks, after the attack destroy this creature.
(Flavor): “If you’re going to beat on someone, hit em with a 16 beat dong-dokka-dong!” –Phalangi Drum
27/55 (Uncommon)

A Bloody Squito that can attack. It can live through the weenies it blocks too, plus break shields. Compared with previous darkness blockers this is quite good. However its really expensive for what you get. Maybe testing can reveal a use but I can’t see anything for this creature.

Dekurose’s Brooch
Creature / Darkness / 2 / Gargoyle / 1000
-Accelerator (While this creature is crossed with a cross gear, this creature gains the following {Accelerator} ability): When this creature is destroyed, your opponent chooses 2 cards from their hand and discards them.
(Flavor): Even its feathers are purely evil.
28/55 (Uncommon)

This card is really nice. Equipped with a cross gear this becomes a threat to your opponent. However should they deal with this threat they have to discard 2 cards. Including the removal they use it’s a 3 for 1 for you. They lose 3 cards to deal with your one. This is a card that will give your opponents fits of rage. Use it wisely.

Powered Mask
Cross Gear / Darkness / 2
-Shield Trigger X (When this cross gear is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may generate it, and cross it with a creature without cost.)
-Cross Gear
-The crossed creature gets +1000 for each tapped creature in the battle zone.
29/55 (Uncommon)

Many darkness cards deal with the opponent’s tapped creatures. The main problem it just doesn’t compare to Emerald Claw. Sure you can use Holy Awe but that relies on the opponent having three creatures. If it’s triggered its one heck of a surprise but once again its not going to be significantly better than Emerald Claw (DM14-110).

Space Titanica
Creature / Fire / 5 / Big Muscle / 3000+
-Power Attacker +5000
-Double Breaker
(Flavor): Witness the power of my five-barreled burst flame cannon!
30/55 (Uncommon)

Poor Deathblade Beetle has been obsoleted. However Terradragon Regarion is still better than this card. Regarion’s 4000 base power protects it from such cards as Searing Wave, Judgement, Gushut Fist, etc etc. However Titanica can defeat 7000 power creatures like Bolmeteus and suicide into 8000 power creatures. The slight improvement in power attacker isn’t worth the reduction in base power. It’s a pretty cool creature though just slightly outclassed by Regarion.

Gyulcas, Sage of the East Wind
Creature / Fire / 5 / Feathernoid / 3000
-When you put this creature into the battle zone, search your deck. You may choose a cross gear from your deck, show that cross gear to your opponent, and put it in your hand. Then shuffle your deck.
(Flavor): Heheheh, to think something like this exists. –Gyulcas, Sage of the East Wind
(Promo Flavor): He doesn’t know what weapon he’ll get until it enters his hand.
31/55 (Uncommon) and P12/Y4 (Promo)

It’s Terahorn for Cross Gears. At the perfect stage in the game to get Patrial Flame or Invincible Scissors (below). It’s significant as its one of the few ways for fire to gain card advantage positively (as opposed to negatively via removal like ApocalypseVise). Right now underplayed, but considering only more and more cross gears will be released its power will only grow.

Invincible Scissors
Cross Gear / Fire / 3
-Shield Trigger X (When this cross gear is put into your hand from your shield zone, you may generate it, and cross it with a creature without paying its cost.)
-Cross Gear
-When the crossed creature attacks, destroy any number of your opponents creatures that have a total power of 3000 or less.
32/55 (Uncommon)

This is a really awesome card. Continuous weenie removal. Who would’ve thunk it. Scissors is weaker at first than Hell’s Scrapper or Apocalypse Vise, but it can be used multiple times. That’s where its potential lies. If you’re facing an opponent who continues to use weenies in the late game this is a good card to use. This is a very solid card.

Shell Cauldron
Creature / Nature / 4 / Colony Beetle / 5000
-Shield Trigger
-This creature can’t attack players.
(Flavor): “How incredible that even the protectors of the sacred lands are sacred lands themselves.” –Hunter, the Invoked
33/55 (Uncommon)

Meh. Poisonous Dahlia has finally been obsoleted. Now it triggers. Unfortunately it’s still not worth it. One of the worst cards in this set.

Hunter, the Invoked
Creature / Nature / 3 / Wonder Trick / 2000
-When you put this creature into the battle zone, you may return 1 cross gear from your mana zone to your hand.
(Flavor): “I’ll take this treasure!” –Hunter, the Invoked
34/55 (Uncommon)

A cheap Wonder Trick to evolve. The cross gear return ability is a minor plus but you’ll mainly be using this card as an evolution bait if you use it at all. Otherwise ignore it.

Glory Muscle
Spell / Nature / 1
-Until the end of the turn, 1 of your creatures gets +4000 power.
(Flavor): Yeesss, Muscle, Muscle!
35/55 (Uncommon)

Nereiz, the Patroller
Creature / Light / 4 / Cosmo Walker / 4000
[This creature has no effect]
(Flavor): Getting hold of the magical weapons at any cost. They have no other mission but this.
36/55 (Common)

The only effectless creature in the entire set, and also is 4 mana 4000 power. Even in base set these cards are useless so why do they continue to print them? Next set it would appear Cosmo Walkers will get an evolution. That’s the only purpose of this card, and there are better Cosmo Walkers to use even for that.

Arissa, Apostle of the Holy Strike
Creature / Light / 3 / Cosmo Walker / 2000+
-Accelerator (While this creature is crossed with a cross gear, this creature gains the following {Accelerator} ability): This creature gets +3000 power and becomes an Angel Command in addition to its other races.
(Flavor): Due to a large amount of magical weapons awakening from their slumber, a number of creatures who were profoundly influenced began to appear.
37/55 (Common)

Potentially the cheapest Angel Command and with a Shining Defense equipped it’s a 6500 power blocker. Arissa like others of this cycle have interesting potential. Arrisa is quite unique as it is such a cheap evolution for Alcideas or Alphadios.

Batias, the Patroller
Creature / Light / 2 / Cosmo Walker / 1000
-Shield Trigger
(Flavor): Many patrollers lost their lives gathering intelligence for the “Restoration Plan”.
38/55 (Common)

Another Cosmo Walker evolution bait. The Cosmo Walker evolution is coming.

Beinz Sayla, Guardian of Cleansing Light
Creature / Light / 2 / Guardian / 1000
-When you put this creature into the battle zone, if you have at least 1 “Beinz Sayla, Guardian of Cleansing Light” in your graveyard, you may choose 1 of your opponent’s creatures in the battle zone and tap it.
(Flavor): They don’t care if they become part of the unmoving wreckage. That wreckage itself is the trap.
39/55 (Common)

This creature starts the cycle of common creatures that gain effects if one of their comrades is in the graveyard. This creature is a cheap Miele. Valiant Spark makes the need for a Miele like creature unnecessary I think. But this creature is also a cheap guardian so if you prefer the later guardian evolutions you might want to play this as an evolution bait.

Hammerhead Cluster
Creature / Water / 5 / Cyber Cluster / 1000
-This creature can’t attack.
-When this creature is destroyed, you may choose 1 creature in the battle zone and return it to its owner’s hand.
40/55 (Common)

I believe this creature is a bit overcosted. Having a spiral gate triggerable by the opponent’s removal or by their attack is cool but his ability boils down to that it’s just a spiral gate and a cheap blocker. However this combination of abilities allows it to block two creatures: one with the block and one with the spiral gate within. Against Bolbalzak it’s definitely a detterent. The problem with this card is that it’s exclusively for a negative situation as opposed to a positive situation. But try it out, double blocking is pretty cool ability even if its best not to need it.

Aqua Moon Age
Creature / Water / 3 / Liquid People / 2000+
-Accelerator (While this creature is crossed with a cross gear, this creature gains the following {Accelerator} ability): This creature gets +3000 power and becomes a Cyber Moon in addition to its other races.
(Flavor): Its fine to lose yourself in rage just once. Reflection will call forth the calm.
41/55 (Common)

Cyber Moons are the water civilization new fatties. However a huge water creature doesn’t exist in DM-15, so they have to remind everyone Cyber Moons still exist with this creature. With an Invincible Suit (DM14-86) equipped this creature becomes a 6000 power unblockable creature. Effectively a King Depthcon except as a Cyber Moon. Eventually Cyber Moons will get the evolution they deserve and this will be the cheapest evolution bait for that evolution. Even without an evolution it’s a solid card.

Bubble Lamp
Creature / Water / 2 / Cyber Virus / 1000
-When you put this creature into the battle zone, if you have at least 1 “Bubble Lamp” in your graveyard, you may draw a card.
(Flavor): The wreckage of comrades as a marker, going deeper, deeper.
42/55 (Common)

This is a conditionally cheap Hulcus but its race is Cyber Virus. Considering water lacks a 2 mana 2000 (or 1500) weenie this is one of the best water gets. Has potential in a Cyber Virus based rush. I like his flavor.

Spiral Lance
Spell / Water / 2
-Shield Trigger
-Choose 1 cross gear in the battle zone and return it to its owner’s hand.
(Flavor): If you can’t hold it, you can’t use it.
43/55 (Common)

There aren’t any come into play cross gears so I don’t see the point really. I’d much rather destroy the cross gear with Martial Law than bounce it. Pointless for now.

Death Harp
Creature / Darkness / 5 / Gargoyle / 1000
-Shield Trigger
(Flavor): This harp’s sad bolero tears at the heart of the listener, and minces the body.
44/55 (Common)

We’ve never had a triggered slayer before and he’s a bit overcosted I think. A “bolero” is a type of Spanish dance music. This harps song will no doubt surprise opponents but I don’t think it’s a particularly effective creature as Death Chaser is the better trigger and the better hardcast I believe. If he costed 4 things would be different but as is pass on him save for singing the bolero for your opponent.

Deathblood, Mysterious Demon
Creature / Darkness / 3 / Devil Mask / 2000+
-Accelerator (While this creature is crossed with a cross gear, this creature gains the following {Accelerator} ability): This creature gets +3000 power and becomes a Demon Command in addition to its other races.
(Flavor): When his hand falls upon his blade, destruction comes to visit.
45/55 (Common)

Here is the darkness representative of the cycle of accelerated creatures that become fatties of their respective civilizations. The darkness civilization doesn’t have cross gears that make their creatures very impressive. You can get a 5000 power Slayer with Quake Staff (DM14-94) or a 5000 power Bone Spider that Double Breaks with Hell’s Double Claw (DM14-58). Still a cheap evolution bait for Ballom which is always a plus.

Dark Mare, the Debilitating Shadow
Creature / Darkness / 2 / Ghost / 1000
-When you put this creature into the battle zone, if you have at least 1 “Dark Mare, the Debilitating Shadow” in your graveyard, choose 1 of your opponent’s tapped creatures in the battle zone. Until the end of the turn, that creature gets -2000 power. (A creature that has 0 or less power is destroyed.)
(Flavor): Grudges call forth even greater grudges.
46/55 (Common)

This creature is made to remind you that negative numbers exist in Duel Masters! About as good as the other creatures in the cycle, but this is one of the few darkness weenie kill cards that exist. So if you don’t want to splash fire for Crimson Hammer try this.

Reality Void
Spell / Darkness / 3
-Until the start of your next turn, your opponent can’t place cards from their hand into the mana zone.
(Flavor): The suddenly emerged entrance to the void desired a reality without mercy.
47/55 (Common)

This is really cool card. Reality Void takes a mana away without having to even to destroy anything. It’s a really interesting tool for mana destruction decks to have. Setting your opponent back a turn early can be huge. Wizards doesn’t want mana destruction decks to solely destroy mana but also to interact with the mana zone in other, interesting ways like this.

Magma Colossus
Creature / Fire / 3 / Big Muscle / 3000+
-Power Attacker +2000
-This creature attacks each turn, if able.
(Flavor): This fist breaks the earth. This anger scorches the heavens.
48/55 (Common)

Mini-Titan Gett gets a whole lot of muscle. Being able to bash through a Squito is a huge plus for a 3 drop and is immune to Hammer or 2000 power creatures. This could become a powerhouse for mono-fire rush decks. This decktype showed its strength by claiming the Japanese national championship in the “regular” class (under 14 division). Magma Colossus might have the strength to help this decktype.

Mysterious, Armed Soldier
Creature / Fire / 3 / Dragonoid / 2000+
-Accelerator (While this creature is crossed with a cross gear, this creature gains the following {Accelerator} ability): This creature gets +3000 power and becomes an Volcano Dragon in addition to its other races.
(Flavor): The enlightened warriors alongside the magical weapons became a brand new legend.
49/55 (Common)

This really doesn’t fit a rush strategy as much as it does an aggressive strategy. Final Dragarmor (DM14-S8) attached to this lets it take out 9k creatures and break 2 shields. Also with the dragarmor equipped Mysterious becomes an Armored Dragon and a Volcano Dragon as well as a Dragonoid. So if you were to play Shaman Totem (DM14-10) you would draw 3 cards off of only one creature. I like the picture on this card.

Red Ridaz’, Explosive Daredevils
Creature / Fire / 2 / Humanoid / 1000
-When you put this creature into the battle zone, if you have at least 1 “Red Ridaz’, Explosive Daredevils” in your graveyard, choose 1 card in your opponent’s mana zone and put it in its owner’s graveyard.
(Flavor): “Hey Hey! This is payback for our friends!” –Red Ridaz’, Explosive Daredevils
50/55 (Common)

This gangster group of thugs is the best thing to happen to mana destruction decks since ever. For a mere 2 mana they can destroy a card in the opponent’s mana zone. Wow. The trick is getting a Ridaz’ in the graveyard quickly enough to take out their land. But once you have one in the yard Ridaz’ is cheap enough you can summon it, take out a land, Sprial Gate it back to your hand, and recast it to destroy another land. That’s what makes Ridaz’ the master pimps that they are.

Screw Rocket
Spell / Fire / 4
-Choose 1 of your opponent’s cross gears and put it in its owner’s graveyard.
-Metamorph (When your mana zone has 7 or more cards, this card gains the following {Metamorph} ability): Instead of 1 of your opponent’s cross gears, choose 2 of your opponent’s cross gears and put them in their owner’s graveyards.
51/55 (Common)

More cross gear removal. This can kill two cross gears late game so it might be better if cross gears get more popular. Too bad that cross gears aren’t. However the next set will feature a new variety of cross gear that might make removal necessary. Only time will tell however. Right now this card is worthless.

Fifi, the Awakened Dragon Fairy
Creature / Nature / 3 / Snow Fairy / 2000+
-Accelerator (While this creature is crossed with a cross gear, this creature gains the following {Accelerator} ability): This creature gets +3000 power and becomes an Earth Dragon in addition to its other races.
(Flavor): Let cute girls have weapons.
52/55 (Common)

Letting girls have weapons is definitely a good idea. Giving this chick an Emerald Claw boosts her power up to 7000. Not bad for a tiny little fairy. Plus it becomes an Earth Dragon. This is absolutely insane for Soul Phoenix decks, since now a turn 4 Soul Phoenix is possible with Faerie Gift. This is one of the better cards of this cycle because nature cross gears are made for beatdown.

Soaring Wing Horn
Creature / Nature / 3 / Horn Beast / 1000+
-Power Attacker +5000
(Flavor): The ultimate charging technique isn’t the leaping approach but whether or not you fall.
53/55 (Common)

A 3 mana weenie taking out a 5000-6000 power fatty is a nice thought but having only 1000 power really hurts. Of course with cross gears this weakness can be protected. In a nature/light deck using Valiant Spark alongside other tappers and powering up the Horn with an Emerald Claw it becomes a real threat. Wizards appears to be slightly upping the strength of even the most average creatures and that’s a good thing I believe.

Hustle Ball Tribe
Creature / Nature / 2 / Beastfolk / 1000
-When you put this creature into the battle zone, if you have at least 1 “Hustle Ball Tribe” in your graveyard, you may put the top card of your deck into your mana zone.
(Flavor): “Everyone in the forest, give me your power!” –Hustle Ball Tribe
54/55 (Common)

This creature can be a cheap Bronze Arm Tribe, but that’s not what makes him cool. What makes him cool is his picture and flavor. If you look at the picture you’ll notice the beastfolk firing a Kamehameha wave. His flavor text is strikingly similar to what Goku says when he gathers a Spirit Bomb (j. Genki-dama). Having a creature like this makes me smile. As for his playability its on par with others in the cycle. If you like DBZ at all be sure to pick up a playset of him in about of year. If your not a fan, he’s always a cheap Bronze Arm Tribe.

Faerie Scoop
Cross Gear / Nature / 1
-Cross Gear: Put this card into the battle zone when cast. To cross this card with a creature, pay this card's cost again. When that creature leaves the battle zone, this card remains in the battle zone.
-When the crossed creature attacks, you may put a card from your graveyard into your mana zone.
(Flavor): This single ditch will cultivate a hundred plains. This single plow will enrich a thousand rice fields.
55/55 (Common)

This card has very good cost. For 2 mana you can generate and cross it. This is the same cost for Fairy Life or Pixie Cocoon (DM13-50). Plus you can put something particular in your mana zone to retrieve with Thrash Crawler. Plus you can equip it again with another creature for a mere 1 mana if the creature is lost. Unlike Fairy Life it can’t be used turn 2 with a great deal of accuracy unless it’s a rush deck, but in all other decks it looks to be well worth the delay in the early game for the continuous advantage late game. Definitely a cross gear to equip to Fifi to boost her power.

Needless to say Secret of Hidden Gear (DM15) really pushes cross gears. There are some really powerful cross gears and some really pathetic ones like the cross gear Xs. Accelerator creatures are really powerful without being broken. They haven’t taken off as well as they should so far as I have seen but they are really good creatures. This set really takes the cross gears to a whole new level I think, perhaps too much in fact but even so there are many non cross gear related cards at the top of my list.

Here’s my top 10 list:
1. Pakurio (The new Cyber Lord in town. Fear it!)
2. Bajura’s Soul (Bajura in compact form *shudders*)
3. Valiant Spark (Three mana Holy Awe!)
4. Patrial Flame (Makes stuff invincible)
5. Dekurose’s Brooch (You never win dealing with this guy once accelerated)
6. Red Ridaz’ Explosive Daredevils (The master pimps of mana kill)
7. Light Weapon Marianna (Continuously cast big spells for free!)
8. Green Divine Dragon Dagradolgran (Nature’s Bolmeteus and only 6 mana)
9. Ryokudou, the Principle Defender (Cheaper and better than FDF I say)
10. Metalchaos Dragon (Double Break x 2 = Quad Breaker)

Since the spoiler came so late there is some set 16 (Origin of Perfect Gear) rumors to pass along. Here are a couple rumored cards:

Jet Black War Demon, Dulanzames
Creature / Darkness / 12 / Demon Command / 12000
-Gravity Zero: If there are 3 or more Demon Commands in the battle zone you may summon this monster without paying its mana cost.
-When you put this creature into the battle zone, return all creatures in your graveyard to your hand.
-Triple Breaker
(Rarity unknown)

Insane eh. There will be more Gravity Zero creatures each with a different condition. Finally free creatures come to Duel Masters! Also there’s this:

Noble Enforcer
Cross Gear / Water / 4
-Cross Gear
-The crossed creature can’t be attacked or blocked by creatures with 2000 power or less.
-When this card isn’t crossed with a creature, creatures with 2000 power or less can’t attack or block.
(Rarity unknown)

It would appear we’ll be getting cross gears that act like Enchantments do in MTG or like continuous magics in Yugioh though they’ll also be able to equip. In Noble Enforcer’s case it seems like you wouldn’t want to equip to anything. It would definitely appear that cross gear removal cards will become necessary and I’d also predict that there will be a creature that can destroy cross gears coming soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read this translation and commentary. Hopefully you enjoyed reading it as much as I did creating it. Think up some combos with these cards. I haven’t been able to do as much thinking as I normally do so I’m sure you guys can come up with stuff that I never could have dreamed. Till next time…

-Ryoma Echizen

The world changes, I change - My passion for Duel Masters persists.
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