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DMR-13 QA (Englanniksi) - Sisältää yksitysikohtaisempaa tietoa Draghearteista

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DMR-13 QA (Englanniksi) - Sisältää yksitysikohtaisempaa tietoa Draghearteista

Viesti kirjoittaja ELTP lähetetty 24.08.14 16:27

Basic Rules for Dragheart Weapons and Creatures

DMR-13 "Dragon Solution Gaiginga" introduces two new card types known as Dragheart Weapons and Dragheart creatures. They are much like Psychic creatures since Draghearts also are two-sided and are placed into their owners Hyperspatial zone at the start of the game. You can have up to 8 Dragheart cards in conjunction with Psychic creatures in your Hyperspational zone.

Q. What is a Dragheart Weapon?
It's a card type that can be equipped from your Hyperspational zone via special cards and it grands special effects.

Q. How can you equip an unequipped Dragheart weapon in the battle zone to a creature?
A: You can't, since when the creature equipped with a Dragheart weapon leaves the battle zone, so does the Dragheart weapon.

Q: If there's a creature equipped with a Dragheart Weapon in your battle zone, can you equip it with your other creatures?
A: No, you can't.

Q: What is a Dragheart Creature?
A . It's a type of a creature. All the rules that apply creatures - such as "summoning sickness", "tapping" and "untapping" - will also apply to all Dragheart Creatures.

Q: How do I get a Dragheart into the battle zone?
A: Via creatures that are included into the upcoming set (DMR-13), some of them can call Draghearts.

Q: What happens when a Dragheart leaves the battle zone?
A: It is returned to the owner's hyperspational zone. It can't be put into other zones, like into hand.

Q: Can you put a Dragheart card only on its weapon side into the battle zone?
A: Depending on the effect, you can put Draghearts on either side into the battle zone.

Q: When you put Dragheart "creature side"-up into the battle zone, can you attack immediately with it?
A: No you can't, it gets summoning sickness like normal creatures.

Q: How can Dragheart Weapons be flipped to their creature side?
A: By the ability called "Dragon Solution" which all of them have, once the conditions are met. Dragheart creatures get untapped once separated from the creature it was equipped with, too.

Q: When you flip Dragheart to the creature side via Dragon Solution, can you attack immediately with it?
A: No you can't, it gets summoning sickness like normal creatures.

Q: When is the "Dragon Solution" of Dragheart creatures activated?
A: When the card is flipped to its creatures side.

Q: Can you put Draghearts into the battle zone via creatures that can put psychic creatures into the battle zone from your hyperspational zone?
A: No, you can't since they are a different card type.

Q: When a Dragheart Creature becomes face-up into the battle zone via Dragon Solution ability, does it count as it was put into the battle zone?
A: No it doesn't, it is treated as it already was in the battle zone.


QAs on the cards

VV1a/VV1 Gaiheart, Galaxy Sword / VV1b/VV1 Gaiginga, Passionate Star Dragon

Q: Does Gaiheart flip if the same creature attacked twice or if the creature equipped with this dragheart weapon wasn't the one to attack the 2nd time during the turn?
A: Yes, neither of these thing matter. Gaiheart is flipped even if the creature equipped with it is not attacking at all.

Q: If the creature equipped with this cards has left the battle zone during the 2nd attack, what happens in that case?
A: In that case, before flipping the card to Gaiginga, it will return to the hyperspational zone.

Q: What does "Start your turn after this turn again" mean?
A: After the current turn is completed, you start your turn like normally. Any effects that was active during the previous turn only, will not carry over to this new turn.

Q: What happens if this creature is chosen during your opponent's turn?
A: You start your turn normally then.

Q: If the opponent chose this creature several times during the same turn, does this effect accumulate?
A: Yes, for each time your opponent chooses Gaiginga, you get an extra turn.


V1a/V4 Perfect, Immortal Lance / V1b/V4 Everlast, Destiny King

Q: What effects does Everlast disable?
A: Everlast disables all effects that would prevent your creatures with "blocker" from attacking in any way. For example, it disables "This creature can't attack," "This creature can't attack players," "This creature can't attack creatures".

Q: Your opponent has made your creatures unable to attack by a spell's effect. Is it possible to disable the effect of the spell?
A: No, it can't be disabled. Everlast only disables the own disablement abilities of your "blocker" creatures. It won't disable the effects that your opponent have given you.

Q: The opponent has a creature that can't be attacked in his battle zone and you have Everlast in your. Can your creatures with "Blocker" attack it?
A: No, they can't

Q: Can you attack untapped creatures by the effect?
A: No, you can't. Everlast won't affect to the rule that says "Only tapped creatures can be attacked directly".

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0002.html

V3a/V4 Go To Hell, Annihilator Blade / V3b/V4 Deathshiraz, Demonic Corrupt King

Q: If there is only three creatures in your battle zone, is it possible to flip this card?
A: Yes you can flip it. However, you must destroy four of your creatures. If there are only four creatures, including the Deathshiraz, you will have to also destroy Deathshiraz.

Q: If you end up destroying Deathshiraz after you flipped it, can you use it's Dragon solutioning ability?
A: Yes, you can use the ability. You have to first destroy four of your creatures and then destroy one of your opponent's creature.

Souce: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0003.html

V4a/V4 Judaina, Jurassic Hammer / V4b/V4 Saurpio, Ancient King

Q: Do you have to pay the summoning cost of that Dragon?

Yes, you must. You can also use the Dragon itself you are summoning to pay the cost. (Even in this case, it's put untapped into the battle zone)

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0004.html

S2/S5 Sr Spellcyclica, Dragment Symbol

Q: If you cast a spell with a cost of 7 or less to put/summon Spellcyclica into the battle zone, can you cast that same spell via Spellcyclica's effect?
A: Yes, you can. The spell is already put into your graveyard when the first effect of this Spellcyclica may be activated.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0005.html

S5/S5 Wald Brachio, Absolute World King

Q: What kind of abilities is your opponent able to activate if you have this creature in the battle zone?
A: Your opponent will not be able to use any abilities beginning with the phrase "When you put this creature into the battle zone.". However, if the ability begins with the phrase "When you put this or another creature into the battle zone", it can be used as usual.


1/110 Espowaru, Heaven's Dragon Spirit

Q: Is Espowaru itself counted when activating it's effect?
A: Yes, since all of your creatures with "Blocker" are counted.

Q: Exactly when does the ability activate?
A: Right after you have decided what are you attacking with Espowaru. So, you can't attack directly to creatures you just tapped.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0007.html

2/110 Seal Do Leiy, Protection Hero

Q: If you choose more than one of your opponent's creatures to be added to the shield zone, are you allowed to know where they are placed?
A: Yes you are. Your opponent has to show you where he places the cards.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0008.html

3/110 Descartes Q, Logic Hero

Q: You have 7 or more water cards in your Mana zone. Can you decide in what order you use the "When you put this creature into the battle zone"-abilities of Descartes Q?
A: Yes, you can activate them in any order you wish.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0009.html

6/110 Superbia, Pride Demon Dragon

Q: What happens if you have Superbia in your battle zone and attack your opponent when he does have no shields left?
A: Nothing really, the game will continue normally. Also, if Superbia leaves the battle zone afterwards, you won't win the game immediately.

Q: If you have Superbia in your battle zone and my opponent has no deck cards left, what happens?
A: He won't lose and the game continues as usual. If Superbia leaves the battle zone while your opponent has no deck cards left, he will lose the game immediately.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0010.html

8/110 Grandslam, Passion Dragon

Q: Can you activate the effect while you have no hand cards?
A: Yes you can. It is possible to choose to discard your hand while you have no cards in your hand.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0011.html

10/110 Otoma=Kutto, Fang Hero

Q: Can his effect only be used to untap only seven nature Mana cards?
A: No, you can untap cards of any civilizations.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0012.html

17/110 Zodiac, Chanting Cathedral

Q: Can your opponent still use an effect of a creature or a spell to untap his creatures?
A: Yes, he can.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0013.html

20/110 Dragment Formation

Q: What happens if you have revealed your whole deck and there was not enough non-evolution Crystal Command Dragons among the revealed cards?
A: In that case, you will put all revealed non-evolution Crystal Command Dragons into the battle zone and shuffle the remaining cards into your deck.

Q: What happens if a creature with a "Saver" ability, prevents a destruction of one of your Liquid People creature?
A: It's is counted as it were destroyed when using the spells effect.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0014.html

21/110 [urlhttp://duelmasters.wikia.com/wiki/Dragment_Answer]Dragment Answer[/url]

Q: Do you shuffle your deck even if you had no hand cards?
A: Yes, you do.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0015.html

26/110 Doterabara, Phantom Mirror

Q: Exactly when is the ability of Doterbara activated?
A: It's activated straight after the ability of an opposing spell is used.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0016.html

27/110 Fusshisshi the Invulnerable

Q: What happens if this card is not in your graveyard at the end of your turn?
A: You simply won't be able to put this creature back to the battle zone via its ability.

Q: What happens if this creature is destroyed at the end of your turn?
A: The end of your turn has already passed by, so you won't be able to activate Fusshisshi's ability.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0017.html

30/110 Batornado, Passion Dragon

Q: If your opponent has no creatures in the battle zone, is it possible to choose one of your creatures to battle nothing?
A: No, it's not. A battle needs two creatures.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0018.html

32/110 Hibiki, Explosive Mirror

Q: If your opponent puts that spell into his Mana zone after casting it, can you choose that exact same spell to be placed into his graveyard?
A: Yes, you can since your opponent will do what the spell says first and then Hibiki's ability is activated.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0019.html

38/110 Jurapi, Chain Asylum

Q:  So you can't summon Jurapi. How can it be put into the battle zone then?
A: You can use the effects of other cards to put Jurapi into the battle zone.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0020.html

40/110 Get Wild

Q: In your battle zone, there's a creature that has an ability that you could use to reduce a cost of one of the revealed creatures via this spell's ability. Can you use the effect of that creature to treat that card as it had different cost?
A: No, you can't. When referring to a cost of a card, it's always referred to a cost that is printed on a card as a number.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0021.html

44/110 Sutantiguna, Electric Power Wings

Q: If any ability or any effect gives this creature itself a "blocker", does it get +2000 for being a "blocker?
A: Yes, it does.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0022.html

48/110 Powered Mirror, Aqua Teacher

Q: What if the spell makes you discard or lose your hand cards?
A: In that case you first do what the spell says (lose your hand cards) and then draw a card.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0023.html

50/110 Raija, Aqua Ninja

Q: If this is your only creature in the battle zone, do you return it to your hand?
A: Yes, you do.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0024.html

53/110 Hachinosu Batchikuma

Q: If several other creatures is destroyed does it men you can use its ability as many times as there were destroyed creatures? What about shield breaks?
A: Yes, you can give Hachinosu +4000 power for each other creatures destroyed. However, since Hachinosu only gets Double Breaker it won't be able to break more than two shields this way.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0025.html

54/110 Buttagila, Bone Sever Demon Dragon

Q: Can you use this creature's ability to destroy your opponent's creatures with a "Blocker" before it's able to block?
A: Yes, you can since "When this creature attacks"-ability is activated before your opponent may choose to block.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0026.html

55/110 Cocco Docco

Q: If you already have a Command Dragon in your battle zone when you summon this creature, does Cocco Docco get destroyed?
A: No it doesn't. The second ability activates only after you summon Command Dragons.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0027.html

56/110 Pork Beef

Q: May you draw a card although Pork Beef wouldn't be destroyed via blocking?
A: Yes, you may draw a card when Pork Beef gets destroyed after losing battle, by a spell, cross gear, fortress, or a creature etc.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0028.html

63a/110 Glee Gee Horn, Passion Sword / 63b/110 [ur=http://duelmasters.wikia.com/wiki/Little_Big_Horn,_Passion_Dragon]Little Big Horn, Passion Dragon[/url]

Q: Can a creature equipped with this card attack immediately?
A: No, it can't if the summoning sickness is not dealt with first.

Q: Can a creature equipped with this card attack to your opponent's tapped creatures?
A: Yes, it can.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0029.html

66/110 Eggsaura, Nourishing Egg

Q: When you put this creature into the battle zone if the power of the creature itself have become more than 5000, can you draw a card?
A: Yes, you can.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0030.html

68/110 Hihhi, Decoy Style

Q: By this effect, your opponent may have to sacrifice all of his creatures to this creature, right?
A: No, your opponent's creatures are not forced to attack. However, if they attack they have to attack Hihhi.

Q: If the opponent's creatures can not attack this creature, what happens?
A: If your opponent can't attack Hihhi for any reason, then he may attack your other creatures or shields, as usual.

Q: What happens if you have to Hihhis in your battle zone?
A: Your opponent decides which Hihhi he is going to attack when attacking.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0031.html

80/110 Pu Fibonacci, Dragment Symbol

Q: What happens if you cast two or more spells during a turn?
A: This creature gets +4000 power for each spell you cast but it will still be able to break only two shields since it only gains "double breaker" each time you cast a spell.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0032.html

89/110 Ulgilando, Betrayal Demon Dragon

Q: What happens if this is the only creature in your battle zone when it wins a battle?
A: You must choose to destroy it.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0033.html

91/110 Chusha Jusha

Q: When this creature is destroyed, can you return another Chusha Jusha from your graveyard to your hand?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: If this creature is destroyed at the same time as your another creature, can you return that creature to your hand from your graveyard?
A: Yes, you can since you decide whether you'll return a creature to your hand from your graveyard after Chusha Jusha and the other creature are destroyed and ultimately placed into your graveyard.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0034.html

73/110 Aries, Dragon Edge

Q: The second ability states "If you have a light Dragheart in the battle zone". Does both light Dragheart weapons and creatures activate this effect?
A: Yes, they do?


107/110 [url=Nam=Daeddo, Bronze Style]Nam=Daeddo, Bronze Style[/url]

Q: Does Mana Arms abilities activate if there's other than those cards of specific civilizations in your mana zone?
A: Yes, they do as long as the wanted condition gets fulfilled. In this case, you have to have at least three nature mana cards but it's okay to have more or other civilizations on them.

Q: If there is multicolored cards among these three nature cards, is this creature's Mana Arms ability activated?
A: Yes, it is.

Source: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0037.html

Side note: I will refer the opponent etc. only as "he" as we usually do in English language when talking about a nonspecific person.

ULTIMATE SOURCE: http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/

QAs from non-official sources

Solenoid has taken some of the translations from the FAQ Corner of DM Vault.

DMR-13 VV1a/VV1 Gaiheart, Galaxy Sword  / VDMR-13 VV1b/VV1 Gaiginga, Passionate Star Dragon

DM-20 8/55 Slowly Chain

Q: If your Gaiheart is flipped via its Dragon Solution to Gaiginga immediately after your opponent has cast Slowly Chain via its Shield Trigger, can you still attack with Gaiginga?
A: Gaiginga won't receive the effect of Slowly Chain in the weapon state, so you can attack with it.

DM-39 35/55 Kankuro Blaster

Q: You cast Kankurou Blaster while Gaiheart is in your battle zone. If you then flip Gaiheart to Gaiginga via its Dragon Solution, Does Gaiginga gain the effects given via Kankuro Blaster?
A: No, it does not since it wasn't a target of the effects in its weapon state.

DMX-01 23/40 Psychen Pippi

Q: Can you also save VV (Double Victory) creatures with Psychen Pippi?
A: Yes you can since VV (Double Victory) creatures are counted as V (Victory) creatures.
Note: the blog said this question was pending but I found this answer on the FAQ Corner of DM Vault.

P15a/Y13 Protoheart, Galazy Sword / P15b/Y13 Gaiginga Soul, Star Dragon Solution

Q: I've a jumbo version of this card. Can I use it in the official tournament?
A: The judge of the tournament decides it, so there's a possibility jumbo version could be eliminated due to the violation of the rule which allows only one-sized cards.

Q: Are creatures equipped with Dragheart Weapons treated differently to creatures crossed with Cross gears and are they treated as one entirety?
A: No, a Dragheart weapon is treated as a separate object from the creature - although it can't stay in the battle zone on its own - so it will be treated substantially in the same way as cross gears.

1. If you evolve a creature equipped with a Dragheart weapon, that evolution creature will be equipped with that Dragheart weapon.
2. Draguner doesn't get the name of the equipped Dragheart Weapon.
3. If a mono-colored creature is equipped with a Dragheart weapon that has different civilizations to the creature it's equipped with has, the creature is not treated as a multicolored creature.
4. If a Dragheart weapon equipped to a Draguner leaves the battle zone directly via Lance of Tonginus, the leaving of that Dragheart weapon will be counted towards the awakening of Dias Zeta, the Temporal Suppressor.
5. If a Dragheart weapon equipped to a Draguner leaves the battle zone directly via Shining Nova, Dragon Flame Phoenix, the Draguner equipped with this Dragheart weapon will be counted as destroyed.
Note: Once again, the answer given on the blog was ambiguous, so I searched this on the FAQ Corner of DM Vault.

DMR-13 S5/S5 Wald Brachio, Absolute World King

DMD-16 2/13 Valhalla Knight, Domination Dragon Elemental
DMD-06 3/14 Yuppal, Binding Guardian

Q: You have Wald Brachio and your opponent has Valhalla Knight in his battle zone and plays Yuppal, what abilities are disabled?
A: Only Yuppal's ability is disabled - http://dm.takaratomy.co.jp/rule/qa/dmr13/0006.html

DMR-07 30/55 Magnum Fast Attack Puppet

Q: You have Wald Brachio in your battle zone and cat Father Earth to put Magnum into your opponent's battle zone. What happens?
A: It's hard to determine if Wald Brachio's ability affects in this situation or not, so we can't give you a ruling, for now.
Note: I searched this on the FAQ Corner of DM Vault and found nothing else.

Q: You link a God with a linking ability to another God while your opponent has Wald Brachio in his battle zone. Can I use the linking ability of my God?
A: Yes, you can since linking abilities are different to "when you put" -abilities.

DM-27 S5/S5 Perfect Earth, Planetary Dragon
DMR-11 S2/S5 "Mastermind"

Q: All of your opponent's shield cards have gained "Shield Trigger" via Perfect Earth. You link "Mastermind" as 3 cards and thus both players break all of their shields and Perfect Earth is destroyed via Terror Pit. Is the shield cards returned in your opponent's hand still "Shield Triggers"?
A: Because the cards were returned in your opponent's hand before Planetary Dragon was destroyed, your opponent can still use the cards returned in his hand as "Shield Triggers".

Source: http://supersolenoid.blog63.fc2.com/blog-entry-4464.html#more

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