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General Duel Masters Discussion in ENGLISH

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General Duel Masters Discussion in ENGLISH

Viesti kirjoittaja ELTP lähetetty 17.05.15 18:29

I know there might be only few non-Finnish English talking users, at the moment, but I wanted to already put this thread out here since you never know if a user would like to start discussing here but don't really want to try using English in all those Finnish language filled threads. Feel free to use English ANYWHERE in DM Finland: all Finns know at least some English and are capable of discussing many kind of topics. At least my reply is guaranteed so don't be afraid. There's are reason why this forum is called DM Finland instead of DM Suomi Wink It's not just because it sounds cool Very Happy

If you don't feel like using English else where in this forum, that's fine. Just don't hesitate doing it later on. Feel free to discuss any topic you desire but just don't brake our rules (basically be nice and don't post anything you wouldn't post in other forums). If that's too much freedom you can start with telling us about your favorite cards or maybe even something about your backgrounds. We also have a dedicated introduction thread here, so feel free to use it, too.

If there's anything you'd like to know simply contact me or any user you find fitting for that part. We are in this together.

Best regards
ELTP - an administrator of DM Finland

The world changes, I change - My passion for Duel Masters persists.
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